Keep it simple!

If you can’t explain it simply,
you don’t understand it well enough.

–  Albert Einstein

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One of the first things that I experienced in the early stages of my trading journey was, how too many traders have so complicated ways of trading. I was almost on the edge of giving it all up and do something else with my money. Until I met my mentor, a man that without him I would never be where I am today. The first thing he told me was, “Keep it simple!”. When you hear something like that, and you are so overwhelmed by all the information available about trading, you realize how hard it really is to just “Keep it simple”.

Since then and with the help of my mentor, the “Keep it simple” way of trading mission started. And I started to really enjoy every single minute of charting, planning, forecasting and trading the Forex market.

The most thing that all my students and followers agree about, is how simple and easy is my way of teaching and explaining.

You are probably here reading this in search of more knowledge about trading, maybe you are looking to fill a gap that is missing in your trading skills, or you are totally new to trading. What I can promise you is; that you really are in the right place, where you are going to learn how to approach trading in the most powerful and at the same time the simplest way.

After helping hundreds of students, I did realize some things that everyone should consider before taking any course or mentoring program and those are:

  • You must be focused 100% when studying/watching live or recorded sessions.
  • You need to have realistic expectations about the time you need to become a consistent profitable trader.
  • You must work on your discipline, I can give you the guidelines but I can never do that part for you.
  • You should give every session the time needed to sink in and that you do the homework when asked for.
  • Note taking with a paper and pen is the most powerful way to learn new skills, so try to do that every time you are watching a session.

So, if you already considered the above-mentioned tasks, then go ahead and choose the package that fill your needs. I am sure that you going to have a great time in our trading family.










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