PA-FX Students Testimonials 

Meet Trader Evan Tan, Singapore

What course did you do with PA-FX?

The live mentoring course

Why did you choose PA-FX?

I was searching the internet for all the different kind of Forex courses, I have paid thousands of dollars to learn a course in my country Singapore, in the end, I didn’t see any success at all for a few years. Not forgetting the dollars I lost along the way trading.
One day, I chance upon PA-FX Youtube channel, I followed it and I notice his calls were very accurate and precise without the hassle of understanding too much of fundamentals. After few weeks of “stalking” I decided to go ahead for his course, simply because I have lost thousands of dollars, it won’t make a difference losing another hundreds right?

How has PA-FX helped with your trading career development?

When I came to PA-FX all I understand was support and resistance, MACD, MA, etc. But it had zero help in my trading.
Joining PA-FX, within months and I kid you not, I was seeing profits in my demo account, hence I went straight into live and Baaam! I lost half the account instantly. But Pierre didn’t give up on me. We sat down, discuss the trades I had problem with and he explain to me what’s wrong and told me, go re-look the videos of the mentoring and journal your trades.
I did what I was told of and ever since then, every month profits, i’m looking in the range of 10-20% ROI on a live account.

What were the main things you learned with PA-FX?

Let me put it this way, pivot points is really an incredible tool and he show it in his weekly overview videos in Youtube. But… the only difference is, who is the mentor teaching you pivot points. pierre’s explanation of pivot points are so easy that a kid can actually learn and understand. Don’t believe me, join the course and you will see his explanation so easy to understand.

What was your most memorable experience at PA-FX?

I guess it definitely have to be the week where I profit almost 30% of ROI within that week. I am literally out of words when I saw what I achieve with PA-FX teaching. Amazing is the word to describe this fabulous course by PA-FX. Lastly, the freebies and benefits of joining PA-FX, free daily updates, free group chat with fellow PA-FX circle of students and the best part, all coaching videos are for you to keep forever, so you can re-look anytime of the day and recap what has been taught by Pierre. Trust me, other course providers are asking you to pay subscriptions so as to keep the coaching videos and its insane!

Would you recommend attending the course to a friend?

Is this even a question? Without a doubt, I’m going to introduce PA-FX to all my friends, simply because Pierre Abdulahad have done an awesome job in grooming me into the trader I would aim and hope to be.
With all the freebies and perks of joining PA-FX course, I really don’t see why someone shouldn’t join. Like I said, I have lost thousands of dollars, does it matter if I lose a few hundreds and get these benefits/perks to join the PA-FX family? Hell NO!
Just a shout-out: Pierre Abdulahad, you have done an awesome job and keep up this good work because you are going to be my last mentor to see me to the finish line of working towards a full time trader! Cheers man! .

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If you want to learn how to trade the Forex market Pierre has to be your number one choice. His in depth knowledge of the markets and smooth and concise delivery are combined with the fact that he is one of the nicest people you will ever come across! You are in very good hands with Pierre.

Chris, Greece

Hi Pierre, In fact, your market structural analysis is equal to none. You are one of those few great Forex teachers I have came across ever. I am quite amazed at the level of precision with which your market analysis usual turns out to happen the way you said it almost 100% of the times, afterwords. Thank you for such a great job. I learn a lot from looking at your work every single time. I beg you to kindly make more video on the structural analysis. This is the key to successful trading. Cheers, Pierre!

Henry Ojukwu “Subscriber”

Course feedback – great engagement with mentor on a daily basis with regular chart update

Trung Le, Australia

Hi Pierre, Just watched through your video and I just have to say that is the best market analysis I´ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing. Do you do them regularly? Regards, Dan

Dan 63 “Subscriber”

Pierre is an excellent mentor. Pierre’s teachings are easy to follow, he has taught me a lot and I understand the Forex market much better. Don’t look anywhere else, this is the man to follow and group to be in! Don’t miss out!

Marek Lekštedt, Estonia

First of all thanks for sharing your knowledge through this course.I have learned a lot of things through your course seriously.Learning the technique is one thing but doing it day after day along with pierre is an effective way to get good at of the most useful feature of his course is his trading room.

Mazharul Haque Jamil, Bangladesh

One of the absolute best decisions I’ve ever made: joined Pierre’s mentoring program some time ago; I encourage anyone struggling to understand trading to do the same because of the great value you’ll get. The greatest advantage is the possibility to have live access to Pierre, to ask questions and to get quick answers.
I encourage anyone serious about trading to give it a try!
Thank you Pierre for designing this course and best of luck, I’m sure anyone taking your course will be as happy as I am.

Cristina Manea, Romania

To anybody who is wondering about taking up Forex Trading and is looking for personal care and attention to detail, I highly recommend Pierre.

I’ve been so impressed with his knowledge and his teaching style. He has been patient and very generous with his time for me as an individual.

If your planning to start trading, it will be your best investment of your trading journey.

Also want to mention there is a great group of people already on Slack, our platform, where great ideas and friendly support awaits !

George Bernard, Netherland

I’ve taken the course as a forex beginner trader having minimal understanding of how the market works.
After finishing the course, I am able to properly read the charts, understand the most important thing in forex which is market structure, make the decision to enter the market using a multitude of tools and techniques, and made me a discipline and confident trader.

Pierre is an excellent trader, he is (more…)

Ciprian Long

Pierre has A deep understanding of how the market moves. It’s explained in a logical way that’s clear and easy to understand. If you are reading this and looking for a mentor I fully recommend this 5 star service he provides.

Michael Vert, UK

As a student to this course has been excellent and is well worth what it cost reasons being is that sessions our all done live where if you have questions on topic being talked about it is further cleared by teacher during session of the course that’s a big plus in my book. Also slack is a great feature to this course because Pierre is always answer questions even if he’s a sleep he has a ghost answer all his students questions just kidding in other words his response is really fast makes things clear as water right away.

Jesus Lozano, USA

you are born to teach , so easy to understand when u eXplain , can’t wait to join the paid course!

Mayan Priyadarshana “Subscriber”

I was watching Pierre’s “Weekly market overview” for over a year before I decided to join his community and take the course and gosh, I wish I wasn’t waiting for so long!
Pierre is a fantastic teacher with a very deep and structured market knowledge, patient and understanding. The course itself is more than great, I believe everyone who took it (including myself obviously!) (more…)

Joanna Mietkiewicz, UK

The course is definitely an eye opener on how to really trade, it’s not only about the knowledge, but how to apply it and be part of a family that speaks the same language when trading. Pierre mentoring during the course is invaluable, I got a complete new understanding for Support and Resistance, not to mention other technique to be used when building confluence.

Huzyfa Saeed, Sudan

First class mentor. Would highly recommend taking this course. after taking the course you are so much more comfortable looking at the charts and knowing when and where to trade. very knowledgeable and generous in sharing that with you. If i could give more stars, i would!!!

Johnny Guzman, USA

Great course from a top guy . I have took my trading to the next level by taking this course . For all the knowledge i have gained , the price is a absolute BARGAIN !!!!!, I would recommend this course to anyone . Thanks Pierre lets catch some pips 

Mark Murphy, UK

Pierre is a first class Trader and Mentor , has deep understanding in every situation in the market.His training course has opened up a whole new world for me , top guy and very generous to share his knowledge. 5 star Gentleman.

Liam Donnelly, Ireland

Am coming up to my second month now at PAFX in this chat room and I have to say that joining is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my relatively short trading career. Whilst I had a reasonably good understanding after a year of studying, I’ve nevertheless learnt so much more in these two short months about professional trading. It has undoubtedly changed the way I view the markets as a whole as well as my day-to-day approach to Forex trading.

Philippe Michel, Spain

I just attended the course and i must say the technical aspect of the course is overwhelming for me.. Trading technicals have never been so easy with his guidance and sincerity in providing information.

If you ask me, for the price he is selling the course , its definitely worthy of the course.. I have attended thousands of dollars of course and have been so skeptical about paying such a low price , would i even receive any information on technicals or price action?? (more…)

Evan Tan, Singapore

Pierre has in depth knowledge on forex his training course was an eye-opener for me. Very humble and generous person, always open to answer any questions u have regarding training. Great mentor.

Ranvir Sahota, USA

Just completed the course, what Pierre teaches and shares with you is priceless. Live sessions twice a week, available through slack chat room day and night. Chart updates 2-3 times daily. If you are serious about learning to trade Forex markets you have to do this course. Thanks Pierre.

Mez Jones, Ireland

I started trading approximately 2 years ago, having initially found success trading, I soon started to lose more than I won and when I did win, they never covered the losses. I changed my trading strategy probably too often, I started to doubt myself as a retail trader and found on many occasions days later, the direction I thought a currency pair was going to go, did go where I thought it would, however the problem was I wasn’t in the trade.


Duncan, UK

Pierre your market breakdown , TA use and explanation of Fibs trendlines S/R , wonderful you are natural teacher thank you sir 🙂

Jungle Van Halen “Subscriber”

” In my journey of learning forex I found Pierre’s teaching filling many gaps just by watching his weekly analysis. And now the course has made structure trading crystal clear. He keeps it’s so simple that there is no room for any questions or doubts. And he personally is very patient calm ,humble and extremely polite Mentor. I am honoured to be his student”.. thank you Pierre for everything. 🙂

Saba Ahmed, UK

As a new trader i feel very fortunate to have found Pierre’s mentoring program early in my trading career. His program has given me greater insight and confidence and it is a pleasure to be part of his ongoing group where we get to appreciate his love of trading. Thanks Pierre

Jonathan Be, South Africa

You have really positively influenced my trading….I’m still a novice so the meaningful and thorough analysis you provide is really appreciated…I’ve already subscribed to your telegram channel and I’m desperately trying to get together the funds to be part of your class for September …You are Awesome!

Mduduzi Ishe “Subscriber”

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