As a student to this course has been excellent and is well worth what it cost reasons being is that sessions our all done live where if you have questions on topic being talked about it is further cleared by teacher during session of the course that’s a big plus in my book. Also slack is a great feature to this course because Pierre is always answer questions even if he’s a sleep he has a ghost answer all his students questions just kidding in other words his response is really fast makes things clear as water right away.

In conclusion from my experience this course is great and is the correct way of understanding how to trade as to the student you can develop to become your own trader from the fundamentals learned in in course. To me the only downfall was not being able to attend all sessions live but still have recording was great and being little more involved in discussions sometimes was hard for me considering time and work but all in all you are an excellent teacher keep going on your journey teaching because we are all becoming great traders one way or another from your knowledge acquired in your learning to become a trader yourself thanks again!