What course did you do with PA-FX?

I did the Live Session Course

Why did you choose PA-FX?

I followed Pierre’s Youtube Channel for quite some time and found his method and Market insight very easy to understand and learnt a lot along the way. When I found out he was opening the doors for students and men-tees, I messaged him on Facebook and Joined the Group and course.

How has PA-FX helped with your trading career development?

PA-FX has helped me to take a professional approach to the market such as having a plan, doing my own analysis Pre-Open, understanding risk and reviewing trades etc
The course and the community has been such a fun and great group to be apart of. The community is very supportive filled with different traders sharing their trade ideas. I like the fact that Pierre has his regular updates as well as other traders sharing their ideas. We’re not just followers but students with our own independent ideas.

What were the main things you learned with PA-FX?

Reading Market Structure with a more define rule, divergence and understanding the changes in market conditions depending on trade type such as ranging market, trending market, a break out etc. It’s incredible what I’ve learnt in the past year I’ve been with PA-FX. Sometimes I see a chart somebody shares, and I know exactly what pair and timeframe it is without looking at the pair code and Time Frame. It’s pretty amazing.

What was your most memorable experience at PA-FX?

When I finally understood the relationships between Pivot Points, NFP (or other major News) levels and Market Structure. It was like a light-bulb moment and that made a huge difference, especially for my trade entries and Exits.

Would you recommend attending an Amplify course to a friend?

Definitely, anyone who has a keen interest in Trading Currency or even just to learn Technical Analyst for Stock Market should do the course. It is the simplest and easiest way to understand Market Structure and Price Action.