What course did you do with PA FX ?

The live mentoring course 

Why did you chose PA FX ?

I became aware of PA FX via Facebook. Pierre does a Sunday round up of the markets covering Forex, indices and oil and gold. I watched the first one and it became a Sunday ritual. I liked his presentation style, and i found his review really helpful in preparing for my trading week, from there i joined his trading group. After a couple of months in the group i then decided it was time to do his course to.

How has PA FX helped with your trading career development?

I have seen two major benefits of the PA FX experience.The first has come from his trading group, as i joined this first! Pierre does a daily update, like his public Sunday review but every day.They are really, really good and he follows up with more updates during the course of the day. These are really helpful for keeping you abreast of the opportunities the markets are presenting, areas to get involved, time to take profits etc etc, really good stuff. There are a lot of good traders in the group to, sharing ideas and having some fun banter. Pierre is ALWAYS on hand to help i swear he must be glued to his screens because his response time if you ask a question is nearly always immediate. It’s a great group, lots of fun, great trading ideas and always very, very supportive and encouraging, this comes from Pierre, i’ve now met him and he is a great guy, and the group reflect that .

The second benefit has come from doing his mentoring course, it was hard work and it is a time commitment but i learned so much new stuff. I had several ah ha moments and even with areas were i thought i had a good knowledge i learnt new stuff and different ways to look at things. I enjoyed his course enormously, and was a little sad when it finished as it was both educational and fun. Pierre takes you at a pace that you are comfortable with and is always on hand to support you after a session, you can tell he wants you to “get it “ and if at first you don’t he will support you till you do understand and you have learnt what he is trying to teach you. Pierre is without doubt a great a natural teacher.

What were the main things you learned with PA FX?

I learned something from every single session. The sessions cover a lot of ground, i already had a good knowledge of Support and resistance but my knowledge deepened after that session.The RSI session was a real eye opener, i did not use the RSI instead preferring stochastic. I tried the RSI and now i no longer use the stochastic, far preferring the RSI and i love divergence! I was aware of pivot points but didn’t use them in my trading (what!), that was such a good lesson i re-watched it several times, now i love pivot points and boy have they made me some serious money. So many good sessions yep i learnt so much.

What was your most memorable experience at PA FX?

The trading group led by Pierre is a really great place and i have made many new friends there we have a laugh, post up our ideas and help each other. Pierre is always on hand to help and is very active in the group. If you are unsure about a level or a trade entry he will guide you, he has saved me from several early entries. Earlier this year we had a world wide meet up over in Berlin, it was great to meet the boss in person and also to meet other traders that you talk to every day. People flew to Berlin from all over Europe, i flew across from the UK we all had a great time and i can’t wait til the next one. I think that we were all prepared to make that effort says so much for the group that Pierre has created.

Would you recommend attending the course to a friend?

I believe both the course and the trading group are very very good value. My none PA FX trading buddies have heard me go on about it loads, several of them have now taken the course and are active in the room as well. I have no hesitation and i strongly recommend the course to both newbies and more experienced traders, i also recommend you get active in the room,  it ‘s a great place for honing your trading edge and getting lots of profitable trading ideas.