I started trading approximately 2 years ago, having initially found success trading, I soon started to lose more than I won and when I did win, they never covered the losses. I changed my trading strategy probably too often, I started to doubt myself as a retail trader and found on many occasions days later, the direction I thought a currency pair was going to go, did go where I thought it would, however the problem was I wasn’t in the trade.

Having tried a few courses to find again my trading edge, PAFX is where I found it. From even before the course started, I was granted access to the PAFX trading community, which is a privilege to be a part of. The course itself is very well structured, Pierre gives a lot of his time up before, during and after the sessions and he makes you rightly participate and complete homework, which only benefits you.

By the end of the course, you have a trading bible which you can refer to and for me, it enabled me to create a new trading plan and approach that enabled me to become a more consistent trader. By sticking to my plan and cutting losses early and having more confidence to let winners run.
Instead of watching charts all day, I create plans and trade higher time frames, which far less stressful. I now know where I am going to enter a trade, where I’m putting my stop loss and when I’m exiting the trade.
Pierre’s generosity is first class and if you are serious about progressing as a trader, I cannot recommend this course enough and for the small fee I paid out, I have already repaid myself back through applying what I have learnt. Therefore, it is a win:win all round.