I’ve taken the course as a forex beginner trader having minimal understanding of how the market works.
After finishing the course, I am able to properly read the charts, understand the most important thing in forex which is market structure, make the decision to enter the market using a multitude of tools and techniques, and made me a discipline and confident trader.

Pierre is an excellent trader, he is kind, patient and warm always answering to all my questions (and to others I assume) no matter it was a week day or Sunday, 10 AM or 8 PM. I know most of my questions were funny/beginner, but he was always very polite and kind when answering them.
I’ll not say more words about Pierre’s skills and attitude, his weekly market analysis on youtube channel is self-explanatory.

Trading rooms – another benefit I got by attending the course. Here I found traders with different trading skills (most of them very good) sharing their trade ideas and trading plans, explaining them and helping each other.
For sure the best thing in trading rooms is the market and charts updates provided by Pierre during the day, many times. When I wake up, he already sent the updates so I can prepare for the trading day. I love this.