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What I can promise you is that you will never feel lonely anymore in your trading journey. I am available in our Trading and Chat-Room for 16 hours each day, even on weekends. Now, you are wondering if I have a private life. Yes, I do, and I enjoy it very much, but I also enjoy trading and coaching people even more. I love to coach traders and see them grow, it is a fantastic feeling, and I can never describe the feeling. When a struggling trader comes back to me and says Pierre, thank you for what you did, that makes my day, week, and maybe the month. 

Look, what I teach is not rocket science, and most of it is not a secret. But what makes the difference, is my style of tutoring and how the information is structured. It took me a while to develop the curriculum of the course, and after many success stories, it was evident that I found the best way to go.

Enough ranting, don’t you think? If you, after all, still not sure about joining the PA-FX Trading Course or the Mentoring Program. Send me a message using the contact form below and ask to join the trading room one week for free. I am more than happy to let you in, and that way you can see how we work, ask other students about the course. I am looking forward to work with you!

After helping hundreds of students, I realized some things that everyone should consider before taking any course or mentoring program:

  • It is required to focus 100% when studying/watching live or recorded sessions.
  • Realistic expectations about time consumption are needed to become a consistently profitable trader.
  • It’s essential to work on your discipline, I can give you the guidelines, but I can never do that part for you.
  • Give every session the time needed to sink in and do the homework when asked for.
  • Taking notes is the most powerful way to learn new skills, so try to do that every time you are watching a session.

So, if you already considered the tasks mentioned above, then go ahead and choose the package that fits your requirements.

What you will get by signing up for PA-FX Forex Trading Video Course

  • 15+ Hours of video material.

  • Price action, Technical analysis.

  • Direct help and feedback.

  • 3 months Access to PA-FX chat room.

  • Get your trade ideas reviewed.

  • High priority email response.

“I am literally out of words when I saw what I achieve with PA-FX Forex Trading Course teaching”

Evan Tan, Singapore 

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