Why would PA-FX Forex Mentoring Program be better than any other trading course or mentoring program?

(This part took me a whole afternoon to write) You may be wondering why? I was never a fan of talking about my self or my skills. I feel so uncomfortable doing so, and here it is needed to let you know why to choose my course. So I took the bullet, and here I am trying to write how damn good trader and mentor I am. After tossing away more than ten notebook papers. My wife asked me, “what is it you working on that is so hard to write about?” I told her. She smiled and replied, “Well, that’s so typical you. I use to read your students’ reviews, and every single one of them is so satisfied and explains why. Use them; that way, you are not talking about yourself; you are just delivering what your students saying about you and your trading course.”

That sounds much better; after all, my main goal here is, to be honest, and transparent with you.

So, here it goes:

“Joining the PA-FX Trading Room is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my relatively short trading career. While I had a reasonably good understanding of the Forex market, I’ve nevertheless learned so much more since being a member of the PA-FX community.” -Philippe Michel, Spain

“I was watching Pierre’s “Weekly market overview” for over a year before I decided to join his community and take the PA-FX Forex Mentoring Program and gosh, I wish I wasn’t waiting for so long! Pierre is a fantastic teacher with profound and structured market knowledge, patient, and understanding. The course itself is more than great, I believe everyone who took it (including myself obviously!) had at least a few “a-ha” moments during the mentoring program – and the most important everything seems to be much more straightforward and clear after finishing it up.” -Joanna, UK

“First of all, thanks for sharing your knowledge through this trading course. I have learned a lot of things through your course seriously. Learning the technique is one thing, but doing it day after day along with Pierre is an effective way to get good at of the most useful feature of his course is his trading room.” – Jamil Haque, Bangladesh 

“To anybody who is wondering about taking up Forex Trading and is looking for personal care and attention to detail, I highly recommend Pierre. I’ve been so impressed with his knowledge and his teaching style. He has been patient and very generous with his time for me as an individual. If your planning to start trading, it will be the best investment of your trading journey. I also want to mention there is a great group of people already on Slack, our platform, where great ideas and friendly support awaits!” -George Bernard, Netherlands

“The understanding Pierre has of individual markets, and the market as a whole is first class. I’ve been trading for nearly three years, and yet what Pierre has shown me is far beyond anything I was aware of. I’ve paid for courses far over the cost of Pierre’s, and the PA-FX Trading Course blows them away.
Fantastic.” -Simon Lane, UK


The PA-FX Promise

This is what the students of the PA-FX Course and Mentoring Program said about the course and the PA-FX Trading Room. If you want to see some more, please read our Testimonials page. 

Now, what I can promise you is that you will never feel lonely anymore in your trading journey. I am available in our Trading and Chat-Room for 16 hours each day, even on weekends. Now, you are wondering if I have a private life. Yes, I do, and I enjoy it very much, but I also enjoy trading and coaching people even more. I love to coach traders and see them grow, it is a fantastic feeling, and I can never describe the feeling. When a struggling trader comes back to me and says Pierre, thank you for what you did, that makes my day, week, and maybe the month. 

Look, what I teach is not rocket science, and most of it is not a secret. But what makes the difference, is my style of tutoring and how the information is structured. It took me a while to develop the curriculum of the course, and after many success stories, it was evident that I found the best way to go.

Enough ranting, don’t you think? If you, after all, still not sure about joining the PA-FX Trading Course or the Mentoring Program. Send me a message using the contact form below and ask to join the trading room one week for free. I am more than happy to let you in, and that way you can see how we work, ask other students about the course. I am looking forward to work with you!

After helping hundreds of students, I realized some things that everyone should consider before taking any course or mentoring program:

  • It is required to focus 100% when studying/watching live or recorded sessions.
  • Realistic expectations about time consumption are needed to become a consistently profitable trader.
  • It’s essential to work on your discipline, I can give you the guidelines, but I can never do that part for you.
  • Give every session the time needed to sink in and do the homework when asked for.
  • Taking notes is the most powerful way to learn new skills, so try to do that every time you are watching a session.

So, if you already considered the tasks mentioned above, then go ahead and choose the package that fits your requirements.

Program Details

    • 10 Sessions.
    • 2 sessions / Week.
    • More than 20 hours of learning material
    • Chat-room using “slack app.”
    • Daily video briefings ahead of London session.
    • Two “One on one sessions” Skype or Zoom meeting, booked by the student.
    • Fast responding to students questions.
    • Separate chat-room for the course students only with high priority.
    • Lifetime subscription to our trading room.

What Will You Learn

    • How to read structure, Top-down analysis, and price action.
    • Support / Resistance, Supply and demand, Fibonacci tools, Trend-lines, channels, RSI, Moving average, How to spot key levels, Technical chart patterns, pivot points trading.
    • How to build your own strategy.
    • Get the right tools to build a trading plan.
    • Help you on developing your own trading rules.
    • How and where to place SL and TP levels.
    • How to journal your trades.
    • Risk management.
    • Trading Psychology and how to avoid trading mistakes.


Don’t hesitate to ask us questions!