December 2019


7 seats

Program Details

    • 6-8 weeks.
    • 2 live sessions / Week.
    • Chatroom using ”slack app”.
    • Daily chart updates, 1-2 updates/day.
    • 2 ”One on one sessions” Skype or Zoom meeting, booked by the student.
    • All sessions will be recorded (in case you missed a live session).
    • Fast responding to students questions.
    • Charting homework, to be sent at least 24H before the session.
  • Lifetime subscription to our trading room.

What Will You Learn

    • How to read structure, Top down analysis and price action.
    • Support / Resistance, Supply and demand, Fibonacci tools, Trend-lines, channels, RSI, Moving average, How to spot key levels, Technical chart patterns, pivot points trading.
    • How to build your own strategy.
    • Get the right tolls to build a trading plan.
    • Help you on developing your own trading rules.
    • How and where to place SL and TP levels.
    • How to journal your trades.
    • Risk management.
    • Trading Psychology and how to avoid trading mistakes
  • And much more…

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** 3 months subscription to the trading and chat room.


Don’t hesitate to ask us questions!