In this video, I will teach you how to trade the 2618 forex trading strategy. It’s a very simple trading strategy with a great win ratio. Basically, after a double top or double bottom pattern get confirmed on the chart, you wait for a correction to start. After getting the correction start you draw a Fibonacci retracement and you put a limit order for entry just above or below the 61,8 depends if you trading a bullish or bearish 2618 trade.

2618 trade strategy stop loss and target placement.

Target is always the previous high (for double bottom) or low (double top). Target two is up to you and your trading rules, it could be a Fibonacci extension or previous market structure levels. You place the stop loss above the highs of the double top, or below the lows of the double bottom. This strategy will always give you at least 1:1 risk to reward.

This was a quick explanation but to really understand the method please watch the video above.

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