In this week’s overview:

Gold reversal started at 1550 and the bears may take back control now.

EURUSD bearish longer term still the main path.

USDJPY broke key resistance and possible bullish continuation toward 108-109.

GBPUSD short term bullish continuation after a correction is expected, and much more…

How we can use market structure to beat the market and predict the price movements before they happen. A great Forex strategy that works! Also a top down analysis that will help you as trader with your trading plan for the trading week. These videos help the beginner traders to Master reading market structure and price action reading. And a check on all the fundamental indicators to help you for the long term trend trading as well. I been trading for more than 12 years now, and as many new traders started by testing every single trading indicator out there. But after a while i started to see clearly that trading with less indicators is much better for me and i narrowed down my indicators to only have RSI (Relative Strength Indicator) mostly to find bullish / Bearish divergence . Pivot Point to help me projecting possible support and resistance levels for the upcoming day, week and monthly chart. And the third indicator I use is the simple moving average mostly 200 but also 20 and 50 SMA when there is the right market conditions. But those indicators are there only to give me some confluence only and NOT to make trading decision based on them. What I look at first of all is the market structure that is my real edge in my Forex trading. For me Market Structure is the most important thing to look at on any chart no matter if you trading currency, Cryptocurrency, metals or indices. I always make sure that all my students can read and analyze market structure and when they master that we move to the rest of the course. If you really willing to be a great trader you must master market structure. There is free stuff out there to get you started and when the time is right and you need a mentor do not hesitate to click one of the links below and get in touch with me, happy trading!

Happy trading…
Please read the disclaimer  about risk evolved in trading!

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