Benefits by joining our Chat Room

  • Daily charts updates (At least twice per day).

  • Trade ideas.

  • Trading discussions.

  • PA-FX watchlist daily.

  • Live trade updates.

  • Meet like-minded people.

Communication tool

The room is open 24H. The major updates are done ahead of London open. More minor updates are done during London session if needed. The second major update is ahead of NY session, and then minor updates when needed during NY session as well. Around or after the daily close another major update for the daily time frame if needed or when there is a major change in market sentiment.
The market updates are done for: Forex, Gold, Oil, Indices as Dow, S&P 500, DAX. All in all 25+ markets are updated daily. Every day a morning call letter that shows you what happened during the Asian session and what to look for ahead of London and NY session
. All major news events and headlines that may affect the market are sent in the updates section to keep you informed during the day (London and NY session only).


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