Pierre Abdulahad

Pierre Abdulahad

Founder & Head of Trading.

My trading career started firstly as a hobby trading stocks, with no much of success. A good friend to the family, who was a Forex trader introduced me to the Forex market. After going thru all the benefits that the Forex market have, specially the leverage part of it, and that I didn’t need a huge amount of money to trade, I switched to Forex trading with him as a mentor.

I was lucky to have a mentor from the very start and got many good advices that of course I didn’t follow strictly which led me to be humbled by Mr. Market as many traders do in the beginning.
After struggling thru the first 2-3 years and starting to follow the advices, and strictly following my trading rules I started to get good results.

Keep it simple!

If you can’t explain it simply,
you don’t understand it well enough.
–  Albert Einstein

My trading style is swing trading, holding positions for days or couple of weeks. I also do position trading when I find the right market conditions and right value levels to trade from. I mainly trade Technical analyses, based mostly on price action with very little use of indicators.

I trade many market conditions, but mostly reversals and ranging markets are my bread and butter. I never found it easy to be a trend follower for longer periods of time, what makes me trade mostly the ranging markets and reversals.

The most thing that all my students and followers agree about, is how simple and easy is my way of teaching and explaining. I have big passion for teaching my skills in trading, it feels so good to see how people develop from unsecure beginner to a great trader (The ones that really do the hard work).

If you have any questions never hesitate to send me an e-mail.